Line 1: Rights in the ethical, political and juridical context Print

Persons in charge: Eusebio Fernández García y Jesús Ignacio Martínez García
 The study of the role rights play in the ethical, political and juridical context is basically divided into two broad areas; firstly, that of concepts and principles, and secondly, that of determining their ultimate guarantor. In the sphere of rights theory, the question of the concept and principle of rights basically involves three great problems: their justification, their meaning and role, and their function. The question of the ultimate guarantor of human rights seeks to find an answer to questions like how to guarantee rights and which organization should be responsible for doing so. Currently, these questions underlie many of the problems preventing the fulfilment of rights. Thus, in this line of research, problems relating to the justification, meaning and role, function and guarantee of rights will be addressed.  

Summary of content: Values and principles; Doctrines and theories about rights; Rights in Constitutions; International Law on rights; New rights