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Persons in charge: Cristina García Pascual

Today it is indispensable to examine the role of rights in the shaping of an international legal and political system and the organisation of supra-state legal systems. At this point there is a clear, pressing need to achieve an international Rule of Law, respectful of the principles and features which define this institution. Indeed, the fulfilment of rights requires a politico-juridical structure which can be identified as the Rule of Law. However, although some progress has been made along these lines, the international juridical scenario lacks this structure. For this purpose, institutional changes aimed at giving the principles of legality, legal security, and the separation of powers real validity and effectiveness should be introduced, and equality of participation must be promoted in States, converting rights into unavoidable conditions for validating and legitimising any international decision. The analysis of the changes and measures necessary to achieve such an international Rule of Law constitutes the thematic basis of this line of research. 
Summary of contents: New subjects and actors in the globalization and international protection of human rights; International organisations and human rights. Function and potential; International criminal law and human rights; the International Criminal Court; International judicialization of human rights; Crimes against humanity.