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Persons in charge: M. Eugenia Rodríguez Palop

While it is true that environmental legislation has evolved in a surprising way over the last few years, it seems clear that ecological concerns, the problems of development and the connection which exists and must exist between development and the environment have not been addressed as intensely as would have been desirable and even less from the perspective of human rights. And this is true even though today there exists an environmental problem which completely influences our development model, in which alarming signs that something is wrong have been observed for a while. The gap between the seriousness of this problem and our timid efforts to resolve it is absolutely overwhelming. The causes of this gap are varied and range from the complexity of the environmental question and the multitude of interests at stake to the disagreement about the causes of the situation. In this debate, the environmentalist view maintains that it is not enough to harmonise economic development and the protection of nature, and that this matter actually requires a complete change in the basic foundations of the dominant civilization.  It is based on this paradigm that the right to the environment and to sustainable development are being demanded as human rights. A demand with which we seek to debunk, amongst other things, the fallacy that humankind enjoys a unidirectional and absolute dominion over the environment; to undermine, in brief, our irrational faith in irreversible progress, one of the most basic tenets of which is veneration of the new, and which forgets the material limits of progress itself.  
Summary of contents: Ecological ethics; Citizenship, global ecology and environmental education; Environmental justice; Ecological economics and sustainable development; The right to water; Peoples’ right to self-determinism and to control of their natural resources; Eco-pacifism; Eco-feminism; Environmentalism of the poor, indigenism and the environmental struggle; Animal rights and protection of future generations; The relation between development and security; Poverty and the environment.