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Study on challenges and good practice on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities PDF Print E-mail

Funding Body: European Commission, DG Empleo, Social Services and Equal Opportunities (Servicios Sociales and Igualdad de oportunidades).
Researcher in charge: The European Foundation Centre.
The objetive of this study is to analyse in detail the obligations contained in the UN Convention and in particular to gather information on the different practices which the States parties are implementing to encourage the application  of the Convention, from a legal and practical standpoint, identifying the challenges and measures to be taken in order to facilitate the achievement of these objectives. Through this action, we aim to offer assistance and advice to the Member States, the European Commission itself and the different groups of agents concerned. 
To be precise, the study should examine:
• The national reports sent by the Member States in which their legislation and policies are analysed, identifying any areas needing reforms in order to apply the Convention in practice.
• Examples of good practices regarding the measures to be taken and, especially, training actions undertaken in the various States Parties, specifying the groups trained and the subjects addressed. For all these actions the implementation, supervision and assessment measures should be analysed. Similarly, it will be necessary to contemplate which measures can be taken at Community level which could support the Member States within their areas of competence and contribute added value.
• The different actors involved in the implementation of the Convention – government departments, organizations representing people with disabilities, local and regional public administrations, etc – creating a map of actors involved in this process.
• The existing good practices regarding the application of the Convention, deriving from these guidelines and reccommendations for the Memeber States, the European Commission and the different actors involved in the process, with the aim of having these taken into consideration when drawing up the priorities of the next Disability Action Plan.

Research Team:
Various European research groups