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Inicio » Projects » Referentes cosmovisionales y organización sociopolítica en comunidades indígenas latinoameriacanas: los nasa (Cauca, Colombia) y los tzeltales (Chiapas, México)
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Cosmovisional references and socio-political organisation of indigenous Latin American communities: the Nasa (Cauca, Colombia) and the Tzeltales (Chiapas, Mexico) PDF Print E-mail

Funding Body: Dirección de Cooperación del Gobierno Vasco(Cooperation Department of the Basque Government)
Researcher in charge: Xabier Etxeberria Mauleón.

The research project aims to: 1) study the presence of cosmovision and spirituality in the indigenous peoples mentioned, in the state of significant self-government (at various levels) which they already enjoy; 2) compare these forms of presence with that which human rights attentive to cultural difference require; 3) propose, if appropriate, initiatives fostering the best possible harmonization between social practices and human rights; 4) place the various findings in the framework of intercultural dialogue on human rights regarding questions like secularity or religious pluralism.
The research team brings together researchers from three universities (Universidad de Deusto, Universidad Iberoamericana de México, Universidad Javeriana de Cali) and the indigenous communities concerned. And the approach is interdisciplinary (anthropology-sociology, ethics and political philosophy, law, gender studies).

Research Team:
Felipe Gómez Isa
Susana Ardanaz Iriarte
Manuel Ramiro Muñoz
Jesús Carrasquilla
Alciriades Escue
Nelson Cuchumbe
Maria Eugenia Ibarra