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Inicio » Projects » La diversidad religiosa en el País Vasco: nuevos retos sociales y culturales para las políticas públicas
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Religious diversity in the Basque Country: new social and cultural challenges for public policy PDF Print E-mail

Funding Body: Departamento de Educación, Universidades e Investigación del Gobierno Vasco (Department of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Government)
Researcher in charge: Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez

The objective of this project is to offer a description and an analysis of current religious diversity in Basque society. On the one hand, it is a question of providing the completest possible overview of the scope of this plurality, identifying the religious communities existing in the Autonomous Regions of the Basque Country. On the other, we intend to consider the need to accommodate rights when harmonising religious identities with belonging to the political community. The approach of our analysis seeks to go more deeply into the need to manage religious diversity as a current and future characteristic of society itself. In this sense, the aim of the project is the drawing up of reccommendations for the Basque public institutions in order to satisfy, proportionally and reasonably, the most urgent demands of the minority religion-observing communities in the public spaces of the Autonomous Regions of the Basque Country.

Research Team:
Marisa Setién
Francisco Lanceros
Lucio Uriarte
Gorka Urritia
Saioa Bilbao
Patxi de la Fuente
Fernando Bayón
Hithem Abdulhalem
Hugo Martínez Aquino