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Inicio » Projects » Implementación de las últimas reformas legales sobre violencia de género en el ámbito de la Administración de Justicia
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Implementation of the latest legal reforms regarding gender violence in the realm of the Administration of Justice PDF Print E-mail

Laboratory of legal sociology of the Universidad de Zaragoza, funded by the Women’s Institute.

Funding Body: Women’s Institute [Instituto de la Mujer]
Researcher in charge: Manuel Calvo García
Duration: 2008-2009

The general objective of this project is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial reforms concerned, both from the point of view of the means and results achieved and, in particular, from the perspectives of transformations in legal praxis and the rest of the public policies of early detection, prevention and integrated protection of the victims concerned. Carried out over the space of two years, from the coming into force of the  Ley Orgánica 1/2004, de 28 de diciembre, de Medidas de Protección Integral contra la Violencia de Género [Organic Act 1/2004, of 28 December, on Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence], this investigation will make it possible to assess both the changes in legal and institutional praxis and their repercussions on the treatment of the phenomenon of gender violence and in particular, if the advances expected in terms of prevention and integral protection of the victims have been achieved.  To sum up, the ultimate objective of this research is to contribute scientific data and reflections to make the instruments of intervention designed to eradicate and prevent gender violence more effective.
The assessment to be performed will take into account the secondary data generated by various institutions, basically of a statistical nature, and that from other previous research carried out by the Laboratorio de Sociología Jurídica of the Universidad de Zaragoza; but it will be principally based on empirical data obtained from the analysis of the contents of both rulings and case dismissals and that of the rest of the documentary sources connected to the legal proceedings by virtue of which they were produced and their execution.  A qualitative investigation will also be done through semi-structured interviews and discussion groups in which juridical and social operators and gender violence victims will participate. The analysis of the contents will be performed using computerised records developed from Lotus Notes, with the double aim of permitting the creation of a documentary base and of facilitating analysis.