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History of Women’s Rights in the 20th Century PDF Print E-mail

“Bartolomé de las Casas” Human Rights Institute of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, funded by the Comunidad de Madrid [Autonomous Region of Madrid]. 
Funding Body: Comunidad de Madrid (Autonomous Region of Madrid)
Researcher in charge: María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop
Duration:  2009

This project was designed to address the analysis of feminism in the 20th century and its impact, particularly, on women’s rights. The last century represented a crucial moment for the feminist movement. In the first half of the century female suffrage was legally won, women’s organisations were consolidated especially in the US and Europe, and the connection between feminism and socialism was strengthened. In the second half, different coexisting tendencies within feminism (liberal, radical socialist and/or Marxist, among others) interrelated with each other to produce, finally, the emergence of new tendencies and theoretical positions. These tendencies revolved around the dichotomies equality/difference and modernity /postmodernity, as well as the oppression pereived in the constructions of race, colonialism and nationalism. And so difference feminism emerged, cultural feminism, postmodernist feminism, lesbian feminism and black feminism. In short, one cannot deny that the history of feminism and the demands of women in the 20th century is complex and multiform, so it is not surprising that relations between this tradition and that of human rights are also highly complex. We will devote a considerable part of our efforts to studying this complexity and thus we hope to contribute to achieving the social changes necessary to subvert the structures of domination to which which women have been and still are subject, either implicitly or explicitly.  

Research Team:
Barranco Avilés, Mª del Carmen
Dorado Porras, Javier
Ramiro Avilés, Miguel Ángel
Lema Añón, Carlos
Rodríguez Palop, Mª Eugenia
Blázquez Martín, Diego
Bengoechea Gil, Mª de los Ángeles
Pérez de la Fuente, Óscar
Cuenca Gómez, Patricia
Pelé, Antonio Illie
Ribotta, Silvina
Jiménez Cano, Roberto Marino
Palacios, Agustina
Iglesias Garzón, Alberto
Morente Parra, Vanesa
Saravia, Gregorio
Lloredo Alix, Luis Manuel