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Inicio » Projects » El registro obligatorio de los portadores del VIH: requisitos, límites y garantías que eviten su discriminación
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Obligatory registry of HIV carriers: requirements, limits and guarantees to avoid discrimination PDF Print E-mail

Funding Body: Ministry of Science and Innovation
Duration: from 21 November 2006 - 31 December 2008.
Principal researcher: Ana Garriga Domínguez. 

The research project has the objective of analysing the obligatory gathering and keeping on file of data, both personal and health-related data, of carriers of HIV and patents with AIDS for purposes of health policy and public health. The study is placed within a framework of the necessary protection of the fundamental rights of the individual in view of the use of their personal information in general and, in particular, in view of the use of specially protected data, given the negative and discriminatory effects this knowledge in the hands of third parties can have for the person concerned. Therefore the analysis of the requirements and limits which must govern the inclusion of these data in an obligatory file is a vital question, in addition to the study of the guarantees which should avoid the negative and disctiminatory effects which the use of the data of HIV patients can lead to, especially outside the sphere of health care.
Research Team:
Ana Garriga Domínguez
Jesús Primitivo Rodríguez González
Pablo Raul Bonorino Ramírez
Susana Álvarez González
Rosa María Ricoy Casas
Anxo Manuel Fernández Saborido