Police DNA databases. With special reference to the fight against terrorism Print
Funded by the Consellería de Innovación e Industria [“Council of Innovation and Industry”], “Valores, Derechos y Estado en los inicios del siglo XXI” [“Values, Rights and the State at the beginning of the 21st Century”] Research group of the Universidad de Vigo, funded by the Xunta de Galicia [Regional Government of Galicia].
Funding Body: Consellería de Innovación e Industria. Xunta de Galicia (Consellería de Innovación e Industria. Regional Government of Galicia)
Duration: from 30 October 2007 to 7 November 2010.
The aim of the project is to study the legal protection mechanisms for the privacy of the individual in view of the use of genetic information by the State Security Forces, with relation to two factors from this technological era: the development of the information technologies and genetic knowledge. The project pays special attention to the use and exchange of DNA profiles for criminal investigations within the framework of the EU to combat threats and dangers arising from terrorist action.