Instituto de Derechos Humanos de la Universitat de València Print

This Human Rights Institute was founded in March 2005 as a research centre forming a part of the Universidad de Valencia. The Institute brings together researchers from different legal and social branches with some basic aims in view; most importantly: the advancement of knowledge of human rights through interdisciplinary research, teaching, the dissemination of its values, reflection and dialogue and commitment to the society of our age.

Among the promoters of the Institute is the Grupo de estudios sobre ciudadanía, inmigración y minorías [Citizenship, Immigration and Minorities Study Group], set up as a Universidad de Valencia research group in 1992, run by Javier de Lucas, and which forms a part of the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 project researchers group.



Javier De Lucas Martín,
Mª José  Añón Roig,
Ángeles Solanes Corella,
Ruth Mestre i Mestre,
José García Añón,  
Cristina García Pascual,
Víctor Merino Sancho,
Encarnación Laspina,