Grupo de Investigación en Derechos Humanos y Derechos Fundamentales de la Universitat Jaume I de Castelló Print

This interdisciplinary research group (into Human Rights and Fundamental Rights) works on the following lines of research: Sociology of Human Rights: statistical analysis of their effectiveness; Vulnerable Groups and Human Rights; the Responsibility of International Corporations for Rights Violations; Comparative International Law of Human Rights; Comparative Studies on Religious Freedom; The International Criminal Court; Education for Human Rights. Its members participate in many postgraduate courses related to these subjects.

Among its main activities the following are of most importance: the design of human rights indicator systems; methodological orientation on the statistical assessment of the efficacy of rights, the writing of studies, guides, proposals and courses on Human Rights education; counselling for non-governmental companies, institutions and organisations on the state of legal security and fundamental rights in various countries; counselling on investment by public institutions and private companies in third countries according to the results of research into the state of Human Rights in the country concerned.


Ignacio Aymerich Ojea,
Tomas Mallén, Beatriz Susana,     
Cristina Pauner Chulvi,
Victoria Camarero Suarez,
Jesus Garcia Civico,   
Jimena Quesada, Luis,      
Francisco Javier Zamora Cabot,