Grupo de Investigación “La Comparación en Derecho Constitucional” de la Universidad de Cádiz Print

The “Comparison in Constitutional Law” Research Group of the Universidad de Cádiz was created in January 1995 as a response to a call by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia for the creation of pre-competitive research groups. Led by Dr. Miguel Revenga, who since then has held the position of Principal Researcher, the original idea was to commit all the Group Members to carefully considering the comparative aspect of all the research projects or studies which the group was working on or might undertake in the future.

The group members have  completed various national and international research projects and among their priority fields of interest can be found the following:
•  The integration of immigrants
•  The concept of tolerance and militant democracy
•  European citizenship
•  Freedom of speech and its limits
•  The constitutional foundations and the development of the Autonomous State

Furthermore, the “Comparison in Constitutional Law” Group is currently working on other highly topical subjects relating to human rights, for example the fight against terrorism in the European Union, the freedom/security dilemma, the constitutional statute for patients and data protection in healthcare, the right to family regrouping and the protection of minors without identity documents, amongst others.


Miguel Revenga Sánchez
Mª Mercedes Soto García
Juan Manuel López Ulla
Emilia Girón Reguera
Antonio Ibañez Macías