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The Consolider Ingenio 2010 “El tiempo de los derechos” (HURI-AGE) programme has the aim of promoting strategic actions capable of  marking a turning point and leading to a significant increase in the quality of juridical research into Human Rights. Its main objective consists of resolving a series of shortcomings affecting the study of Human Rights in scientific circles in Spain by reinforcing groups’ competitiveness, boosting their visibility, increasing their influence within the international arena and ensuring adequate transfer of the research results to the agents and institutions involved in the subject of Human Rights and to society in general.

The programme’s purpose is to analyse, using an integral approach, the real state of Human Rights in contemporary societies, identifying the main challenges and problems they face, or may face in the future, and proposing possible solutions, leading to the attainment of International Rule of Law. To sum up, it is a question of contributing, through scientific reflection, to making the 21st century the “Age of Rights”.                                                                                 
The main objectives of the Consolider HURI-AGE project are the following:
•  To promote quality research into Human Rights.
•  To monitor national and European regulations and draw up proposals for public policy from a human rights perspective.
•  To study, analyse, exchange and generate methodological proposals and teaching resources for human rights education at all levels.  
•  To generate a space for exchange, as well as communication channels between the academic sphere and social and political actors.
•  To promote and strengthen a social conscience based on human rights; creating a society of citizens aware of their rights and prepared to demand them.
The HURI-AGE team is composed of twelve research groups from different Spanish universities, making up a total of over 80 researchers. In order to implement the programme, they will benefit from the collaboration of various institutions involved in fighting for people’s rights in practice, and recognised international experts on this subject.
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